SMART product line

The SMART line of liquids were developed in partnership with Winning Brands Corporations (OTC:WNBD). Winning Brands developed the SMART product line with one use in mind: wetcleaning. Four unique, 100% biodegradable and highly regarded products have been created; SMART KLEAN, SMART WASH, SMART Spot Booster and SMART Texture are all derived from citrus and vegetable-based surfactants.

SMART Texture

SMART Textures is a concentrated finishing agent with surfactants for retexturing, antistatic properties and fiber protection. SMART Texture is used in the wetcleaning process to restore fabric softness, body, and crispness to your clothes.


A detergent formulated with fiber protection, color stabilizers and soil and stain removal that requires little or no mechanical action.

Glenforest News

WORCESTER – School officials are seeking information about whether a dry cleaning business recently punished by the state Department of Environmental Protection for various violations might have created a contamination risk at the next-door Gates Lane School of International Studies.

White & Brite Cleaners, located yards away from the elementary school at 1256 Main St., was fined nearly $84,000 by the state agency last month for committing air quality, hazardous waste and waste site cleanup infractions, some of which also impacted a house on the property, according to the DEP.


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Officials say the drinking water in a West Virginia community along the Ohio River contains a harmful chemical widely used by dry cleaners.

State Bureau for Public Health spokeswoman Allison Adler said in an email Wednesday tetrachloroethylene has been detected in Paden City’s water system since around 2010 at levels below maximum allowable standards. She says the water system was assessed a violation notice in December.


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Deadly solvent still in use despite risks

CLEVELAND — John Sammon had a vision for relocating his company

"I thought it was a fantastic building right here in Fairview," he recalled.

What his eyes didn’t see under Lorain Road nixed his property deal, he said. It also got him wondering.

"It's one of those things where it makes you concerned about what you don't know about,” he said.

Soil tests conducted in anticipation of Sammon’s purchase detected traces of a cancer-causing chemical used in dry cleaning. And located right next door: a dry cleaner.

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