SMART product line

The SMART line of liquids were developed in partnership with Winning Brands Corporations (OTC:WNBD). Winning Brands developed the SMART product line with one use in mind: wetcleaning. Four unique, 100% biodegradable and highly regarded products have been created; SMART KLEAN, SMART WASH, SMART Spot Booster and SMART Texture are all derived from citrus and vegetable-based surfactants.

SMART Texture

SMART Textures is a concentrated finishing agent with surfactants for retexturing, antistatic properties and fiber protection. SMART Texture is used in the wetcleaning process to restore fabric softness, body, and crispness to your clothes.


A detergent formulated with fiber protection, color stabilizers and soil and stain removal that requires little or no mechanical action.

Glenforest News

Glenforest Cleaners is proud to announce it has joined The City of Toronto's Live Green Perks Program.

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According to the Globe and Mail, the federal government's No. 1 hunting ground for environmental offenders isn't deep in the mists of the boreal forest - it's in the back rooms of Canada's neighbourhood dry cleaners.

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At Glenforest, we believe prolonging garment life is a key step in achieving true sustainability in the fashion industry. Our cleaning and finishing methods are designed with maximizing the life of your favourite garments in mind. This article speaks to this importance. 

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