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Table Linens – When it comes to the ultimate culinary experience, a beautifully presented dinner table is essential. Glenforest specializes in the maintenance of fine table cloths and delicate antique lace, crochet textiles with the most advanced techniques to keep treasured linens looking bright and smooth.

Bed Linens – Only wetcleaning’s proper laundry techniques can provide the difference you will feel in your bed linens. With specific temperature control, enzymes are activated to remove bacteria and preserve the luster in the fibers we rest so closely on. Finished in “5 star hotel” fashion, sheets are bright and smooth, duvets are fluffy and fresh.

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When perchloroethylene (PERC) was introduced to the dry cleaning industry in the 1930s, it must have seemed like a miracle solvent. Unfortunately, very few are aware of the health risks associated with a lifetime of using a hazardous chlorinated solvent.

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Tide just announced a new alternative to the classic bottle of laundry detergent. It basically looks and works just like a box of wine, which is sort of funny because of that whole meme about teens eating Tide Pods. But the new Tide Eco-Box is no joke. It’s actually a glimpse into a future where Amazon is dictating what our stuff looks like.

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GFL Environmental was fined $300,000 in an Ontario Court of Justice in Oshawa after pleading guilty to violating federal environmental law.

The Toronto-headquartered waste disposal company pleaded guilty on Dec.10 to two counts of contravening regulations for selling tetrachloroethylene to owners or operators of dry-cleaning facilities that did not meet regulatory standards.

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