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Table Linens – When it comes to the ultimate culinary experience, a beautifully presented dinner table is essential. Glenforest specializes in the maintenance of fine table cloths and delicate antique lace, crochet textiles with the most advanced techniques to keep treasured linens looking bright and smooth.

Bed Linens – Only wetcleaning’s proper laundry techniques can provide the difference you will feel in your bed linens. With specific temperature control, enzymes are activated to remove bacteria and preserve the luster in the fibers we rest so closely on. Finished in “5 star hotel” fashion, sheets are bright and smooth, duvets are fluffy and fresh.

Glenforest News

Glenforest Cleaners is proud to announce it has joined The City of Toronto's Live Green Perks Program.

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According to the Globe and Mail, the federal government's No. 1 hunting ground for environmental offenders isn't deep in the mists of the boreal forest - it's in the back rooms of Canada's neighbourhood dry cleaners.

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At Glenforest, we believe prolonging garment life is a key step in achieving true sustainability in the fashion industry. Our cleaning and finishing methods are designed with maximizing the life of your favourite garments in mind. This article speaks to this importance. 

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